Dell Technologies

EP32 – Dell Tech GEOS – Ignite Nov 21 Announcements

Welcome back to Lisa at the Edge. After a break I am easing back in slowly to the world of social media and kicking off the podcast again. I’m definitely a little rusty and I think it shows in this episode but hopefully I’ll be back to myself after a few more episodes. In this…

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EP29 – Why Dell Technologies for Azure Stack HCI

Welcome Back to Lisa at the Edge We’re back! What an extremely strange time this is…. with Scotland opening up again I have found it very hard to put back in place the boundaries between work and life. I’m working on this and also taking a closer look at how and where I spend my…

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My First 6 Months at Dell Technologies

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog 👋🏻 and welcome to my first instalment! (I blogged a few years ago, but we’re starting again!) It has been 6 months since I started my role at Dell Technologies! I thought it was a good time to look back and reflect on my first 6 months, share…

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