EP31 – Lisa at the Edge with Guest Mᥲყ Aᥣhᥲjrι – Agent 008

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In this episode I am joined by the inspiring Mᥲყ Aᥣhᥲjrι also known as Agent 008.  May is a computer engineer at Schlumberger in Saudi Arabia who transformed her career by joining the #PowerAddict Community and falling in love with Power Platform. 

We hear how Agent 008 got her name and about the power of the tech community.  May shares how she finally felt like she found herself with the Power Platform because it took her from her day to day grey activities to a world of colour and creativity.  

We talk about how there is no end to learning within the tech industry. May shares how she joined the #PowerAddict community by getting a Twitter and LinkedIn account. May was initially super shy but she finally felt like she had found her place, share what she want and be herself.

I feel like it is my place, there is no end of learning with Power Platform

Agent 008

May shares the amazing story behind her personal brand Agent 008. It is such an amazing and heart warming story.

We talk about how to learn Power Platform. May started with Power Bi. She created more than 20 videos internally at Schlumberger and became famous as ‘Power Bi lady’. May shares her process for learning – YouTube on one screen and on the other screen she follows through all of the steps. I thought this was a great way to learn and I might use this tip and watch May’s videos!

May tells us about the first App she made which sounds so cool! She created an App to keep all of content and learning in called ‘Digital World is My Place’.

May shares how Power Platform transformed her career and her personal life. May moved in to a Digital Analyst role and also found a community where she felt like she could truly be herself.

May gives a special shout out to Alain Chai (@alanchai) and Shane Young (@ShanesCows) who have been super supportive in her #PowerAddict journey!

Power Platform I found myself, it’s coming from my heart, I really I am in my place, this is what I have been looking for for a long time

Agent 008

We had some connection issues during this episode as there was a storm happening in Saudia Arabia at the time but hopefully you still enjoy the episode! 

I feel like I need to go learn some Power Platform… this stuff is inspiring!


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