EP30 – Lisa at the Edge with Guest Gwyneth Peña-Siguenza

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In this episode I am joined by thee AMAZING Gwyneth Peña-Siguenza. Gwyn shot to Twitter and YouTube stardom during 2020 and became an Azure MVP. She has recently secured her dream role as a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. Gwyn has a super inspiring story and I really love her authenticity when it comes to sharing her stories.

In this Gwyn shares how she got in to tech and we discuss the importance of being authentic. We’re share our reasons for blogging, vlogging and being part of the community. We also have a pretty open and frank discussion around topics like imposter syndrome and feeling proud of our achievements. We discuss Twitter and the different ways in which you can be supportive and interactive in the community as well as how not to approach community and social activity.

We discuss the different routes in to tech whether that be via a Computer Science Degree or not… A lot of people tend to freak out about the fact that you can get in to tech without a computer science degree but the fact of the matter is we need to provide different routes in to the industry if we want to improve the diversity and attract people from different backgrounds. It’s important to showcase the different routes in to tech with the success stories to show people there is a route for them. Education is the key, but the format doesn’t need to be a 4 year degree.

Mindset is everything, if you want better for yourself and work hard it will pay off. Always follow what you enjoy and what you are passionate about.


I ask Gwyn how she became an MVP and we share how we both felt imposter syndrome. We both thought becoming an MVP would be cool but we weren’t working towards it, we were both just doing our thing. I also get a little controversial and talk about whether people are creating content purely as a tick box for an MVP application.

Myself and Gwyn are on the same page about not letting social media platform algorithms dictate how we share out content. We also agree that spending any energy or time on negative social media interactions is a disservice to our peace. A brilliant point made by Gwyn.

 ‘Good content will find its way no matter what, if it is quality and it’s you being yourself, it will be successful’


Authenticity in content creation is so important. If you’re not being authentic, you’re not adding value and you’re probably stressing yourself out. What is unique is how you present, deliver and share your opinions as your unique self. Everything else has already been done. This leads us on to talking about what community actually is and it is being authentically yourself.

We also discuss this expectation that seems to be growing around sharing and shouting out others in the community. If someone shouts me out, that is awesome, I appreciate it. If they shout me out with an expectation that I will do the same. That is not my problem. It’s also fake. When I shout out and share people or content I do it without expectation. There are other way to contribute in the community such as 121 conversations and support and many other ways.

We’re always so focused building the skill set, what language should I learn, what framework should I learn. We always forget we are human beings, so finding these pockets where we can be human beings… we need more of this


There is huge value in building true and honest relationships without expectation and Gwyn shares her story and how a relationship created some time ago did then result in helping to land a dream job. But that was not the intention or foundation of the relationship in the first place.

The beauty is social media and Twitter is the connections you make



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