EP29 – Why Dell Technologies for Azure Stack HCI

Welcome Back to Lisa at the Edge

We’re back! What an extremely strange time this is…. with Scotland opening up again I have found it very hard to put back in place the boundaries between work and life. I’m working on this and also taking a closer look at how and where I spend my energy and time. One of the areas I really enjoy is my podcast and I realised it had taken a back seat to other activities. I’m slowly but surely working through my priorities, trying to get more organised again and figuring out what my new normal is. With this in mind I am aiming to publish a new episode every 2nd Friday starting with this episode. I will be editing these episodes myself now I have a fancy PC so I wanted to try a cadence that I think will be manageable but will also keep me engaged!

Anyway, that’s enough about me!

In this episode I am joined by my colleagues Mike Derrberry and Michael Wells who are both part of my team (Global Engineering Outreach Specialists aka GEOS) and cover the AMERICAS!

In this episode we cover the reasons why you should choose Dell Technologies when it comes to Azure Stack HCI:

  • The Statistics – Dell Technologies are #1 in Server, #1 in HCI and #1 in the Microsoft Solution segment
  • Our Partnership – Over 30 years of partnership between Dell & Microsoft
  • Why we chose to go down the Integrated System route
  • OpenManage Integration with Windows Admin Center – Lifecycle Management & Cluster Aware Updates
  • Our AX Nodes and Configurations
  • Support and Deployment from Dell Technologies
  • Sustainability of our Products and Strength of Supply Chain

We also cover ‘What is Azure Stack HCI’ and ‘Azure Stack Use Cases’ and if this hasn’t sold you then my Maine Coon cat Kizzi makes several appearances.

Please note this was recorded prior to the GA Announcement of Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Stack HCI



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