EP28 Azure Stack Family Pt 4

Welcome back to Lisa at the Edge

The Scottish Azure Stack team is back in action. It was good to have Kenny and Darren on the podcast again, we always have great discussions. In this episode we spend a bit of time catching up when we realise we haven’t done an episode for quite some time. We talk about the work/life/lockdown balance and how we are getting on and then we dive in to the Azure Stack family and talk about some Microsoft Ignite updates. Azure Stack HCI is the current star of the show, we’re all extremely busy working with customers and partners who want to adopt Azure Stack HCI as their on premises consistent Azure Hybrid solution.



If you have any questions for future episodes, let us know here: https://bit.ly/3o5Lru3
Darren is a Hybrid Technical Specialist at Microsoft and Kenny the Senior Manage for Partner Aligned HCI Engineering Technologists at Dell Technologies.

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