EP26 with guest Michael Levan – Career Development and Mental Health

Welcome back to Lisa at the Edge

Happy New Year! Welcome back to the first episode of 2021.

In this episode I am joined by the awesome human being that is Michael Levan. Michael shares his story of how he got in to tech, we both have a laugh and reminisce about World of Warcraft and then we take an unexpected turn.

We talk about career development, finding your passion and then have a really honest conversation about mental health and how 2020 affected us. This episode was an absolute joy to record and I am sure that you’ll find a lot of value in our discussion.


  • Twitter: @TheNJDevOpsGuy
  • GitHub: – AdminTurnedDevOps (Mike Levan)
  • Email: – michael.levan@clouddev.engineering

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Video graphics by the amazing Krist McKenna from Ratworks: http://www.ratworks.net/

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