EP23 Azure Stack Family Pt 3

Welcome back to Lisa at the Edge

This is the third episode of a mini Azure Stack Family series with Darren Small and Kenny Lowe. We get stuck in to the Azure Stack portfolio and hybrid cloud and answer your questions.

In this episode we discuss the imminent launch of Azure Stack HCI. We talk about use cases with a focus on AKS. Kenny delivers a great explanation of how to differentiate between Azure Stack Hub and Azure Stack HCI. We clarify licensing and commercials for Azure Stack HCI as well as clarify what disconnected and connected mean when applying those terms to Azure Stack HCI and Hub. Kenny shares his set up for testing Hub with ASDK and HCI with WS labs. Azure Arc of course takes up some of our discussion and we talk about the Microsoft & Dell Technologies Centre of Excellence in partnership with Bordonaro IT in Germany.



If you have any questions for future episodes, let us know here: https://bit.ly/3o5Lru3
Darren is a Hybrid Technical Specialist at Microsoft and Kenny the Senior Manage for Open HCI Engineering Technologists at Dell Technologies


The first episode is EP2 where we discuss how to make the perfect chip at home, the Azure Stack Family of products, how the portfolio and messaging has evolved as well as why Scotland is such a hub for technology: https://bit.ly/3iKUYoh

And the second episode is EP7 where we discuss why Azure Stack Edge is a perfect sidekick for Azure Stack Hub, the benefits of a disconnected Hub, what it means to run an appliance in your datacentre, AKS Engine and answer some questions. We also talk a bit about the barriers to innovation and why a culture shift and deep understanding of customer issues is required to reach the potential of this new edge capability: https://bit.ly/340Ax0q

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Thank you to Darren and Kenny


Video graphics by the amazing Krist McKenna from Ratworks: http://www.ratworks.net/

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