EP 36 – Lisa at the Edge with Jonah Andersson

Welcome back to another episode of Lisa at the Edge. In this episode I am joined by the inspiring Jonah Andersson. Jonah is an Azure Microsoft MVP and a Software Engineer who lives in Sweden. Jonah is passionate about community and is the founder of Azure User Group Sweden. Jonah’s story of how she got in to tech is one of determination and grit. Early in her career Jonah had to put her dreams on hold to become the main provider for her family in the Philippines after her mother passed away. But her dreams were only ever on pause, later in life she moved to Sweden, learnt a new language and undertook further study (in a new language might I add!) before becoming a software engineer. Jonah brings her life experience and her passion for people to her job and to her community efforts. Jonah is an open book about her journey so as to inspire diversity and inclusion within the industry.

As well as contributing to community, mentoring and being an awesome human being Jonah is also writing a book. This book was born out of the motivation to increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace but also increase the success of cloud adoption by shining a light on the need for people and process to evolve to truly embrace the cloud operating model. You can check out the first chapters on early release here.

In this episode we have an informal and open chat about mindset, self awareness, authenticity and striking a balance between our personal, professional and community ‘buckets’. We both share our experiences on developing self-awareness and the importance of being supported in work. We also share how the community has helped us both.

I hope you enjoy this honest an open episode. Please let us know if any of the topics we cover resonate with you.

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๐Ÿ’ฌ Key Conversation Points ๐Ÿ’ฌ

00:30 Introductions
03:18 Did you always want to be in tech?
08:46 How experience outside of coding influenced journey in to software development
13:20 Following your dreams, finding a job that speaks to you as a person and your passions
15:29 Why myself and Jonah are in our own ways ‘Open Books’
17:39 Another Technical Interview horror story!
21:24 The importance of a supportive work environment & our experiences
27:15 Questioning the validity of your feelings as a Women in Tech 32:06 Community & Mentorship
36:28 Inspiration for writing a Book about Learning Azure
39:45 The Technical and Non-Technical divide
47:07 How do you balance professional, personal and community?


Preview ‘Learning Microsoft Azure’ book

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