EP 34 – Lisa at the Edge with Dave Kurth

Welcome back to Lisa at the Edge. In this episode I am joined by Dave Kurth, we hear about his career journey to landing his dream role as a Senior PM in Microsoft for Azure Stack Hub focussing on Security.

Dave describes himself as an anomoly at Microsoft as he doesn’t have a degree. Apprenticeships are big in Switzerland and Technical apprenticeships are one of the longest lasting 4 years. They are a mix of learning and gaining work experience and that is where Dave started, working for a Microsoft partner. We discuss how a Degree is sometimes holds weight purely from a culture perspective rather than being a representation of whether someone is a good fit for a role.

A topic that has come up on the podcast before is how MSP years are similar to dog years in that one year in an MSP can provide you with so much experience!

Dave shares with us his experience in setting up a Snowboarding company which personalised snowboards and his lessons learned throughout this venture.

We hear how Dave landed his first role at Microsoft as a Technical Account Manager, moving in to Product Marketing and working his way up to his dream role in Engineering.

We cover setting goals as well as getting stuck in to our favourite topic – Hybrid Cloud. I ask Dave why Microsoft is uniquely positioned when it comes to Hybrid Cloud, tune in to hear his answer! The fruit analogy is back to describe Azure, AWS and GCP!

Finally we talk about the negative impact of viewing IT Teams as a cost and not an investment and how the ‘cost’ argument when it comes to Cloud is not straightforward.

When it happened, I called my Mom.  I said who knew, I started at an un-managed Microsoft Partner and now I get to influence the direction, features of a proiduct that is being sold worldwide.

Dave Kurth on landing his dream role in Microsoft Engineering

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💬 Key Conversation Points 💬

00:22 – Introductions – ‘How did you get in to Tech’

13:00 – Setting up a personalised Snowboard company 2

0:00 – How did you land your first role at Microsoft

21:36 – How did you land your role which involved moving to Redmond

25:37 – Moving to Corp – the need to prove yourself & giving yourself grace

30:00 – Setting Goals

32:45 – What will you miss most about Marketing? What are you looking forward to in Eningeering?

37:29 – Lets talk about our favourite topic – Hybrid Cloud

45:00 – Of course we had to cover Multi-Cloud

52:19 – IT teams looked at as a cost and not an investment


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