Lisa at the Edge Podcast

On the Lisa at the Edge Podcast you will find all kinds of interesting topics as I speak to amazing people from across the global tech community.

I started this podcast at the beginning of lockdown here in Scotland as Covid-19 took over and changed our world. Podcasting and blogging are activities I had always wanted to try but for one reason (excuse) or another I never got started. I decided lockdown was the perfect opportunity to give it a go! It is a way for me to stay connected to the tech community and learn new skills. I haven’t ruled any topics out and I haven’t stuck to the advice of ‘find your niche’ because that’s just not me! However there will be a heavy focus on two of my favourite topics: Careers in Tech and Microsoft Hybrid Cloud.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy chatting to my guests!

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You can find my most recent 10 episodes below. View the full list of episodes here or search ‘Lisa at the Edge’ on Spotify or iTunes.

EP14 – Why Dell Technologies for Azure Stack Hub Lisa at the Edge

In this episode I'm joined by my two team mates Jayanth and Janaka. Jayanth and Janaka are Azure Stack Engineering Technologists covering APJ.  As we know Azure Stack Hub is a co-engineered product between Microsoft and a few select OEMs. In this episode we talk through some of the Dell Tech differentiators and the value we bring to Azure Stack Hub. I hope this episode interesting and if you have any questions after listening please reach out to me and the team. @lisaattheedge @YkJayanth @JanakaRangama
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