New to Azure Stack HCI? Check out Microsoft Learn!

Are you new to Azure Stack HCI and want to learn more? Technical or not I would advise taking a look at the Microsoft Learn Paths for Azure Stack HCI.

What is Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is an awesome free online learning platform. It’s interactive and you can collect points and badges – what more could you want? You can choose content that is specific to your role and/or goals.

If you create a profile you can track your progress and accrue points and achievements which is nice. You also get the use of some free Azure resources.

So go get yourself a profile – Microsoft Learn | Microsoft Docs

Azure Stack HCI – Introductory Modules

I would highly recommend everyone goes through the first two Learn paths – even if you’re not technical.

In fact definitely if you are not technical and maybe work in sales. Going through the foundational paths on Microsoft Learn are great for learning cloud concepts and getting to grips with the language and messaging.

Introduction to Azure Stack – Learn module.

If you want to go a little deeper but still stay high level then take a look at the Introduction to Azure Stack HCI Core Technolgies – Learn module.

Microsoft Learn has grouped these two modules plus two others in to an Azure Stack HCI Foundations – Learn Path.

Azure Stack HCI – Technical Modules

If you’re going to be deploying, operating or maintaining Azure Stack HCI or you want to understand more about what is involved then check out the following modules.

Plan and Deploy Azure Stack HCI – Learn
Operate Maintain Azure Stack HCI – Learn
Manage Azure Stack HCI Clusters – Learn

Manage Azure Stack HCI Virtual Workloads – Learn

Implement Datacenter Firewall and Software Load Balancer on Azure Stack HCI – Learn
Plan for and deploy SDN infrastructure on Azure Stack HCI – Learn

Integrate with Azure Arc Modules

Once you’ve made your way through the previous modules the next step is to take a look at integrating Azure Stack HCI with Azure Arc.

Integrate Azure Arc and Azure Stack HCI – Learn
Integrate Azure Services with Azure Stack HCI – Learn
Manage Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Stack HCI – Learn

Microsoft Learn is a really great platform for learning.  I’m looking forward to seeing more modules for Azure Stack HCI and will do my best to add them here.

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