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Last week I had the awesome privilege of being a guest on the new YouTube series Head in the Cloud, Heart in the Community. Covid & Lockdown has brought us some silver linings. One of those is the community producing some awesome content and this series is definitely that category! This YouTube series is hosted by Isi Katanic and Holly Lehman who are passionate about sharing the positives which have come out of everyone being stuck at home but interacting more online. Like their friendship!

When they asked me to be a guest I thought: ‘What, me?!’. No way!

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that lockdown has been a roller coaster for me, like it has for many. A few weeks back I was not in a great place, it was definitely one of those dark tunnel roller coaster moments and at that point, I wont lie, I was going to cancel. I wasn’t feeling myself, I was super emotional and the impostor syndrome was real. I am so glad that I didn’t cancel because being a guest was so much fun!

I was pretty nervous during recording and there was a lot I forgot to say… Hard to believe, I know!
I thought I’d share some additional thoughts on some of the topics we covered. I hope you enjoy the interview and please do subscribe to the Head in the Cloud, Heart in the Community YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on future episodes and awesome guests.

Episode 3 – Head in the Cloud, Heart in the Community

Lockdown Life – I started at Dell in September 2019. I am a remote worker, so WFH is my norm. However, I was supposed to travel with my role. It was estimated I would be travelling around 25% of my time. In my first 6 months I got a few trips to London and made it to Austin Texas which was awesome. Prior to Lockdown I was due to travel to Zurich and Berlin for Customer events and I was supposed to be delivering an Azure Stack session at Dell Tech World in Las Vegas…. so that sucks!

However, if this hadn’t happened I may have never started my podcast! Silver lining!

When we went in to lockdown I knew I had to do something to keep myself busy. I had always wanted to create and share more content. I was never sure where to start, had a little bit of impostor syndrome and the classic excuse ‘no time’. I decided I would give blogging, podcasting and video a go and see which I liked best. The goal was to learn some new skills and get out of my comfort zone. I started with podcasting and if I am honest it was for selfish reasons as I wanted to stay connected during lockdown. I have met some amazing people, had some awesome conversations and hopefully created some useful and fun content.

Work From Home Tips

Social Media People give social media a bad rap but it’s all about how you use it. That includes what you share, how you engage and remembering that is all within your control. You can and should curate what you consume online. What you consume online and how you use social media can have such a huge impact on our mental well being. Be sure to not prioritise likes, followers & notifications over real connection.

Engaging on Twitter during Lockdown was such a life saver, it helped me feel connected to the rest of the industry. I have made some great connections and had brilliant ‘virtual coffee’ chats. Naturally I have found myself part of a great network of people whereby I am finding and being recommended and connected to guests for the podcast.

It’s also helped me in my role at Dell. By sharing content on LinkedIn colleagues have reached out to me for help and input on Azure Stack related opportunities and Cloud messaging. LinkedIn Articles are something I plan to work on moving forward. Also, Michael Dell recently followed me on Twitter, which is a tad crazy, so we’ll see how long it is until I get in to trouble!!

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Lisa at the Edge vs Lisa Clark – It was so nice to hear Isi say that it’s the same Lisa across all of my accounts, public and private. This was my concern when I came up with the tag Lisa at the Edge. I can’t be and refuse to be anybody but myself. Whilst I realise there is a need to be mindful of my professional life I believe in being and seeing the human in people. It’s always brought valuable and authentic connections in to my personal and professional life.

My Instagram had always been public, I liked it that way, it was open and honest and it created great engagement and connections with my friends and new people with similar interests. As I discussed on the podcast, I like to think out loud. I also like to share positives and negatives, the thoughts I’m having as I move through my career and life. I always appreciated feedback from people saying they felt the same, or had been through similar with advice or they appreciated someone being honest about certain topics.

The decision to make it private was tough but I must say that removing followers, curating what I follow to better match my current mindset has been positive. I highly recommend a digital spring clean! Unsubscribe, unfollow, unfriend if you have to. Social media is such a large part of our lives now, you have to practice self awareness and be honest about how it is affecting you, positively or negatively. Take the necessary steps to turn it in to what you need it to be. Forget other peoples opinions.

I am still undecided as to what to do with both accounts, I’m not using Instagram nearly as much as I used to, it’s a nice break. I am however spending more time on Twitter and that’s ok, I don’t feel pressure to be active on multiple platforms or make a hard decision. I’ll just let it flow naturally.

Be yourself, be authentic, do you!

That’s enough from me!

Let me know if you enjoyed the episode and what your Lockdown silver linings have been?


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