Azure Stack Podcast Episodes

Do you want to learn more about the Azure Stack portfolio? Below is a list of episodes dedicated to the Azure Stack Family on my Lisa at the Edge podcast.

Episode 2 Azure Stack Family Part 1

In this episode I am joined by Darren Small Microsoft Intelligent Edge Specialist and Kenny Lowe Azure Stack MVP and Senior Principal Engineering Technologist at Dell Technologies.  We discuss how to make the perfect chip at home, the Azure Stack Family of products, how the portfolio and messaging has evolved as well as why Scotland is such a hub for technology.  

With guests Kenny Lowe & Darren Small.

Episode 7 Azure Stack Family Part 2

In this episode I am joined by Darren Small Microsoft Azure Stack Global Black Belt, Kenny Lowe Azure MVP and Senior Engineering Technologist at Dell Technologies as well as a super special guest Dino Bordanaro, Azure MVP and owner of Bordonaro IT in Germany.

We discuss why Azure Stack Edge is a perfect sidekick for Azure Stack Hub, the benefits of a disconnected Hub, what it means to run an appliance in your datacentre, AKS Engine and answer some questions. We also talk a bit about the barriers to innovation and why a culture shift and deep understanding of customer issues is required to reach the potential of this new edge capability.

With guests Kenny Lowe & Darren Small & Dino Bordonaro [MVP]

Episode 8 – Azure Everywhere

In this episode myself and Kenny Lowe Senior Engineering Technologist at Dell Tech and Azure MVP are lucky to be joined by Jeff Woolsey Principal Program Manager at Microsoft looking after Azure Stack HCI, Windows Server and all things Hybrid cloud.  

This episode is the result of a threadzilla on Twitter where there was a hot debate on Azure Stach HCI’s naming convention.  Is it just a marketing ploy? Does it mean something more? Is it a sign of things to come? So of course I address this topic with Jeff.  

We also discuss Azure Arc, Windows Admin Centre and Azure portal and the use cases for each.  We go in to a bit more depth on Azure Stack HCI use cases and we get a cheeky glimpse of what is to come for Azure Stack HCI! 

I look forward to having Jeff back on Lisa at the Edge when he can talk more about future announcements. 

Episode 11 – Dell Co-engineering Azure Stack Hub with Microsoft

With awesome guest Christopher Renda –  Director of Engineering for Azure Stack at Dell Technologies. 

In this episode we discuss Dell’s approach to co-engineering Azure Stack Hub with Microsoft, where we look to add value, building a team to integrate tech and people and what a monthly engineering cycle looks like including our approach to Agile and the release train!

Episode 12 – Azure Stack Training

In this episode I am joined by Mark Scholman.  Mark is a Freelance Microsoft Azure Consultant – Microsoft MVP – Speaker & Blogger @azurestackblog

Mark travelled the world providing training to HPE in 2017-2018 when Azure Stack launched and has recently created his own courses and virtual learning offering.  The courses sound awesome and I think they will provide excellent value. 

You can learn more about the courses and take the free Azure Stack Family course here: Azure Stack Learning 

Episode 14 Why Dell Technologies for Azure Stack Hub

In this episode I’m joined by my two team mates Jayanth and Janaka.

Jayanth and Janaka are Azure Stack Engineering Technologists covering APJ.  As we know Azure Stack Hub is a co-engineered product between Microsoft and a few select OEMs.

In this episode we talk through some of the Dell Tech differentiators and the value we bring to Azure Stack Hub. I hope this episode interesting and if you have any questions after listening please reach out to me and the team.

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